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Testimony // Michelle // alumni

When I was done with high school I made the decision to go to this bible school. This because I've always had the desire to go into ministry, and I wanted to invest my time in my relationship with God and to taste what ministry really is. The first year was a year to discover who I truly am and what the talents are that God has given me. You face yourself because of the lessons that are given, but also by the work you do with the people & children. God works on your character here. During the lessons you are mirrored and challenged to look at your good, but also at your weak points. So you can learn to get the best out of yourself. Also my relationship with God has really changed. I have discovered God in a whole new way; because of the lessons from our teachers, that really are examples for me. Also through the projects you truly get to know God in a whole new way, he has shown me and let me feel his heart for the poor.

I have also discovered His heart for me more, and that is a whole new journey that is also continued in the second year!

The love you develop for the beautiful people and children in the villages, has really been a motivation for me every time when it was hard for a moment, to keep on going. To keep looking to what I wanted to achieve in and with my life. Giving your life for others is the most beautiful thing there is!

The second year is totally dedicated to leadership, something I liked to learn. We got lessons about natural and spiritual leadership. There is enough space in the projects to lead the first-years students and you can also start your own project. It is really special to create your own vision and to turn that in to a real working project. Not to mention it is really nice to see the fruits of this!

Revolution training school for ministry, for me, was a place where I was always growing and developing myself further. Where I could walk and look to people I could really learn from. Where I have got a vision and passion for the lives of others, but also for my own life. It is the place where I have chosen to give my life for God and his kingdom, wherever that may be and however that will look like! It is the challenge of your life!

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