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Testimony // Rachel // alumni

I am now in the second year of the Revolution Training School for Ministry and I can truly say that I like this school a lot. It is very nice to have teachings in the morning and to share God's love in the projects with the gypsies in the afternoon. 


The teachings are powerful and we learn a lot about God and ourselves. I can see myself coming
into more freedom, gaining a bigger understanding and more boldness to express God's love. We receive lessons from different teachers who all have their own specialty and walk with God, which is inspiring. We also have prayer and worship meetings; at these meetings we learn to step out and to connect in relationship with God. 


In the afternoons everybody goes to different Phoneo projects. It is very beautiful to build relationships with the gypsy people we work with; kids, youth or adults- all are possible. We have many possibilities to step out in loving people and leadership. 


This school really is a special place. By living together with the other students, you can easily connect, which creates some very deep and intimate friendships. The leaders of the school really see you, and want to help you grow into the person God created you to be. The school challenges me to get more out of life; to develop a deep drive for living who God intended me to be. Sometimes it is hard, but we get a lot of coaching to overcome our challenges and grow stronger and more happy than before. 


If you want to get a deeper and more intimate relationship with God, if you have a bigger drive to can live your true unique self, and if you want to work in God's Kingdom, then you just found the right place. 

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