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Our School

It is easy to pursue ministry and forget the real purpose of  ministry. God desires to equip us for a ministry of love and demonstration of His power. We do not see ministry as our primary goal but His love and purpose for every unique person. Jesus was a man with the greatest ministry of all time but when crowds of people followed Him, He was able to see the one. We will become people with great impact in this world when we learn that unconditional love was the greatest life changing ministry of Jesus. Therefore we must learn to see everyone as unique and special individuals and love them as Jesus has loved us. We believe that His love is the primary motivation for transformation and release of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in and through our lives. 



The leadership of our ministry is committed to equip students in a safe and open environment to become ministry leaders with ownership and self-initiated vision in which they will respond upon the call of God.

Practical and Spiritual Involvement


The students will be practically as well spiritually involved in the ministry from Phoneo. And in our International church named Iosua.


The first
calling of Phoneo is to reach out to the beautiful Romas (Gypsies) in the districts of Mures and in Alba Iulia in Romania. Phoneo has established different ministries and charity programs for impoverished
communities. You may be involved in one or more of the following ministries: 


Church, house churches, weekly home visiting program, special days for women, youth groups, teenage girls' program, children’s programs in different areas, Evangelism and outreaches, campaigns/conferences, youth summer camp, children’s summer camps, and in our media department.


Community and Education projects:
School education center, daycare center for neglected children, day centre for homeless the poor and lonely, Kindergarten and food and aid projects, football programs, Weekly children’s programs in several areas, housebuilding, construction and renovation projects.

As part of the whole training you can expect an emphasis on the following points:


  • Deep and intimate relationship with Jesus

  • Deep passionate love for people

  • Developing a lifestyle of dedication and surrendering to God

  • Strong and fresh impartation of the living word of God, through various national and international Spirit filled leaders, teachers and ministers

  • Walking by faith

  • Developing a strong prayer life

  • Walking in spiritual authority

  • Discovering and embracing your personal uniqueness, creativity, and diversity

  • Releasing and walking in gifts and talents in ministry

  • Character development

  • Team building in a culture of honor, respect, caring, trust, unity and collobaration

  • Leadership training and coaching

  • Outreaches in Romania, revival meetings and evangelisation


I will make a pathway through the 
wilderness. I will create rivers in the
dry wasteland.  
Isaiah 43:19

Our program

We have committed ourselves to equip the students in a safe and open environment, to cultivate
a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus through the word, worship and prayer. 


Ephesians 4:12 says that God has called the fivefold ministry to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. The word equip is a medical term that literally means “set a bone”. We will become people with strong spiritual backbones when we learn to apply the living word of God to our daily lives . The students will be equipped by various national and international Spirit filled leaders and teachers. The students will have 16 hours inspirational teaching often followed with personal ministry and impartation during the week.


We are always emphazising to bring balans between the word of God and the walk in the Spirit of God. Many ministries and churches are no more than spiritually empty houses. There is an outward performance but no inward life. At the other hand there are ministries that emphasize only the things
of the Spirit, expecting new revelations and directions to come but they neglect their foundation in the word of God. These ministries resemble sailing boats that try to catch the wind ‘of the Spirit’ without a captain at the steering wheel. 


The word of God in the hands of the Holy Spirit, is Gods tool to impart the revealed truth to us. The reality of Gods truth will set us free and will bring us spiritual life. God will never pass by His living word but through the Holy Spirit he uses the living word to transform our lives and to make us spiritually balanced, stable and consistent world changers.    


What you may expect in our teaching programs:


The word of God

  • The living word of God 

  • How to study effectively scripture

  • Bible excegesis-studying scripture in context


Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • The unity and work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • Fatherheart of God

  • Intimate walk with Jesus


Holy Spirit

  • The person of the Holy Spirit

  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • The anointing of the Holy Spirit

  • Ministry of the Holy Spirit



  • Developing a lifestyle of faith

  • Revival training

  • Power of prayer

  • Intercession and prayer

  • Walking in spiritual authority



  • History of worship

  • Worship

  • Worship team development


The great commission

  • The great commission

  • Evangelization in power

  • Making disciples 



The students will be coached by various experienced coaches who will invest in the grow and development of the students personal life's.


The ministry we provide is carried and sustained by continually dedicated and persistent intercession and prayers.

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