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We would love you to meet  the end responsible leaders from the Bible school.

Bibleschool building and Church
The thing I like most in the school is that we can bring that what we learn, directly in practice in the projects that we do. You really apply everything you learn in school during the week.
Frans // second year student
Paula // first year student
At the beginning of the year we got introduced to the word ‘togetherness’. Although I never heard this word before, its for me a perfect description of our school. Together we search our goals, qualities and character to develop your (ministry)life. To become the perfect you, how God created you.
It encourages me that we go together in this journey. In the same time there is a lot of attention for the unique you. It is a bibleschool where they see me and love me just the way I am.
Miritza // first year student
The thing I like in this school is that I start to become more focused on God. I am trusting Him more than ever before. I become here aware of my gifts and talents and everybody is so encouraging. I start to find out more about myself and become more brave to try the things that I didn't believe that I could do.
I also see myself stepping out more and express myself, this school is a very safe place to be and develop.
Christina // second year student
What I really like about the school is the way people treat each other. The people here really accept you as you are. They truly mirror the love and acceptance the love of Jesus. Trough this acceptance and grace they show, I became a lot more confident in myself. I now dare to start new things and to figure out what I am capable of. I discover and develop new strength and I become more graceful with myself. The school lets me see and equips me for Gods call upon my life.
Harmen // second year student
Loredana // alumni
During this school years God gave me above my expectations. He surprised me with His loyalty, and all He does in my life. He helped me finding my calling, and I found healing and stability. It is a place of inner change, in my character but also spiritual.
Manuel // Staff
In 2012 God called me to go to revolution training school. I think this school is a good balance between practice and teaching with the presence of God. There were two things that changed me the most. In the first place the friends that are around you and shape you next to that it is the encounters with God. In that time I really started to find my own freedom in who God made me to be, in a unique way. The school brought a deeper foundation in my life.
Lavinia // graduated first year
Revolution Training School is the perfect place where I can develop and grow spiritual and personal. I can be myself, and I can be open and free. It may be an intense year where God is working deep in many aspects of my life but I appreciate that I have people around who see me, encourage me, and correct me in love so that I can get the best out of me! It's a place with a lot of opportunities where you can connect with people from different places and from everybody you can learn something.
Maria // staff
I want to recommend this school to everyone who wants to see much more of Gods power in your life and the lives of others around you. It is a life-changing experience! If you're really committed, you will start to live the person who God created you to be with all your qualities in the fullness.
Mayerly // second years student
The second year is awesome, heavy and confronting but I never regret for this choise and commitment with God.
For the rest of my life I have life lessons what I can adapt in my life and to impact my life with.
But my life goal out of this Bible school is to go global and to impact the world.
Because of this Bible School I'm able to bring the gospel to the people and to serve the people wherever God will lead me and to do what He asks me to do.
Where He goes, I go.
In God's timing I trust!
Ramona // staff
What I find the most beautiful in the work the I do our school is to see the transformed life’s the way how God is bringing every student in their own process. Every person needs somebody to believe in them, to help them take out the treasure that is so hidden inside. We create for them a place where they can find themselves and what God placed in them.
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